Power 100: Nxt Gen 2013


Today's top marketers are redefining the boundaries of what it takes to get ahead in the industry. From triple-dip recessions and data overload to the multitude of emerging media platforms, there is no doubt that marketers face challenging, yet immensely exciting times.

Among the nominees for this year's hotly contested Next Generation group, a common thread emerged - namely, a willingness to challenge the status quo and embrace technology to better meet consumers' changing demands.

Analytical, insightful and generous with their time and effort, these marketers testify to the enduring power of innovation and commitment, regardless of the economic climate.

The classically trained FMCG marketer, who formed the lynchpin of the industry in years gone by, has been usurped by a new breed of digital natives busy reshaping the marketing profession.

Instead of following a predetermined path, these marketers do not specialise too soon and stretch their interests and understanding way beyond the realms of their business and the brands upon which they work.

There is no denying that marketers, who work in the biggest area of discretionary spend in many businesses, have been at the sharp end of the economic downturn. However, as the industry continues to fight its way through financial turmoil, its brightest young talents have adapted their skill sets and used new channels to stay ahead of the competition. Smart businesses realise that they must adapt to keep hold of this elite group.

To share your own insight into what it takes to get to the top,

Lucy Clark

Senior brand manager, HP Sauce, Lea & Perrins and BBQ, HJ Heinz

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Having joined Heinz's graduate scheme, Clark quickly landed a brand manager role on its Tomato Ketchup brand, making the leap to her current job, which spans project-managing innovation, developing brand strategy and media planning, last summer.

Date of birth: 19/08/1986

Describes herself as diligent, positive and enterprising.

What are your biggest marketing challenges?

Identifying the right opportunity and executing it in the right way at the right time. Agility is crucial. The consumer absolutely has control.

What are the biggest trends affecting your business?

Continual value-seeking by our consumers, which isn't just about price, it's the balance of how our brands' benefits meet their changing needs.

Are there any trends or new media platforms you believe are overrated?

No. A platform that isn't right for the brand I am working on might be perfect for another, and what might not work today could be perfect for your business challenges tomorrow.


Alex Packham

Social media manager, Now TV (BSkyB)

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With a remit that covers managing Sky's on-demand TV service, Packham leads the brand's social-insight programme, implementing big customer-acquisition and brand-awareness campaigns.

Date of birth: 28/02/1990

Describes himself as driven, efficient and outgoing.

What are the biggest trends affecting your business?

At the moment everyone is looking for an offer. When the offer runs out we have to work hard to get consumers to stay, or bring them back to the business if they've left.

Are there any trends or new media platforms you believe are overrated?

Location-based marketing. Many refer to it as one of the "next big things", but I've never seen it work successfully. Who knows?

Describe your typical day

It may include discussions on marketing messaging, meetings on technical projects, campaigns, reviewing creative, writing social-insight reports, briefing and talking to our agencies. I love the variety.


Dan Sherratt

Head of brand creative and digital, Gocompare.com

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Sherratt has become an important player in Gocompare.com's evolution during his five-year stint at the brand. This has included spearheading the recent push featuring Professor Stephen Hawking, which marked a significant shift for the brand.

Date of birth: 12/05/81

Describes himself as ambitious, creative and fun.

What are your biggest marketing challenges?

Making sure we use the diverse data we collect and receive in a meaningful way.

Describe your typical day?

I work with numerous agencies, review creative and analyse data most days. Dealing with Wynne Evans, aka Gio Compario, is a full-time job in itself.

What are the biggest trends affecting your business?

The changing way in which people consume media. The difficulty comes in measurability and trying to maximise the opportunity this presents.

How are you changing the media channels you use to better reach your consumers?

We operate a test-and-learn approach. If something isn't working, we change it.


Amy Hinsley

Head of broadcast and digital advertising, Asda

Hinsley is a key marketing force at the supermarket. She led last year's controversial Christmas campaign and, since adding digital to her role, has played an important part in growing Asda's digital footprint.

Date of birth: 05/10/83

Describes herself as passionate, creative, honest.

What attracted you to marketing?

As a girl, I dreamed of being a Hollywood producer. After a reality check from my mum, I did a degree in media and discovered a passion for advertising.

Describe your typical day.

I work with the food teams to taste new products, visit suppliers and talk to customers. One day I will be in the office looking through storyboards from our agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, the next I'll be on an ad shoot. The process of shooting a TV ad is the best part of my job. Nothing compares to seeing an idea come to life in front of you, then seeing it on TV.

How are you changing the media channels you use to better reach your consumers?

We've had to diversify our communications away from just TV or print into radio, digital, social and outdoor, as our audience now interacts with us in different ways and at different times.


Rachel Eyre

Senior brand expression manager, Barclays

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With a wide-ranging brief covering brand identity, brand strategy and staff engagement, Eyre is a rising star and key player in Barclays' marketing team. She was a winner of the inaugural IPA and Campaign "Women of Tomorrow" competition this year, and has been recognised with a "platinum award" for outstanding contribution to the Barclays business.

Date of birth: 14/03/1984

Describes herself as energetic, inquisitive and principled.

What are the biggest marketing challenges you face?

Trust. We work in an industry that has seen a decline in trust, and part of my job is to ensure that we rebuild it in the right way and at the right pace.

What are the biggest trends affecting your business?

Customisation, personalisation, the unstoppable growth of social and its scope. We need to make sure we are keeping up.

What skills do you think are most important to get ahead in marketing today?

You'll excel if you can identify the "real consumer insight" needle in a haystack of data, opinions and assumptions.


Dan Robb

European B2B marketing manager, Sony Europe

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With responsibilities spanning Sony Europe's Professional Broadcast products and a budget of £3.5m, Robb is on the up in B2B marketing. He has won creative accolades for the "Extra.Ordinary" campaign, which used original content to target top-level influencers across social media.

Date of birth: 03/07/1983

Describes himself as inquisitive.

What are the biggest trends affecting your business?

Traditionally, when we released a product or made an announcement, we would look to engage primarily with journalists from known publications. However, we now need to consider and cater to bloggers and freelance industry influencers who have a very powerful voice in the market.

Are there any trends or new media platforms you believe are overrated?

There are a few I question, and I'm sure many I'm simply not up to speed with yet, but every platform and tool has its fort. The trick is in knowing which suits your need and not trying to shoehorn your message into something that doesn't fit. Or, worse still, changing your message to make it fit for the sake of it.


Jessica Reading

Director of marketing and user experience, LateRooms.com

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Reading oversees a team of more than 25, guiding the hotel-booking site LateRooms.com. She was a pivotal force in launching the brand's new website and rebrand, and in 2008 led its first TV brand campaign.

Date of birth: 20/08/81

Describes herself as loyal, honest and dynamic.

How are you changing the media channels you use to better reach your consumers?

We have different roles for each channel. TV remains important for mass-reach, whereas email is used to provide a personalised service.

Describe your typical day

My day is usually busy holding meetings with people in different arms of the business, which I really enjoy. Whether it's chatting through direction with our new managing director or catching up on our marketing strategy on Facebook or Instagram with the social team, it's great to touch base with people face-to-face and make sure everyone is on the same page.

What are your biggest marketing challenges?

Customers are becoming more elusive, with higher expectations and demands, so you need to keep abreast of all channels available to you.


Charlotte Oates

Marketing and communications manager, DMG Media

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Oates works in the "new ventures" division of DMG Media, the consumer-media business of DMGT, with joint responsibility for the team's marketing and development budget. Working with its flagship brands - the Daily Mail, Mail Online and Wowcher - she has been recognised as a key influencer within the business. In the ascendant on the new-media scene, she is also a creative advisory board member for the Media Trust.

Date of birth: 21/02/1990

Describes herself as "A start-up upstart".

What are your biggest marketing challenges?

With brand reputations more fragile than ever, it's hard to build and retain trust and credibility.

Describe your typical day

We review the previous day's customer-service enquiries before a stand-up with our development team. Then I could be doing anything from briefing print ads to making a hash of our website's html!

How are you changing the media channels you use to better reach your consumers?

We allocate spend carefully and see each campaign as an opportunity to learn more about the people using our product and how best to engage with them.


Arron Child

Internet Explorer marketing, Microsoft

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Part of the Internet Explorer marketing team, Child is responsible for campaigns for Internet Explorer and Windows Live. He leads the multimillion-pound Explorer campaign across digital, experiential and TV.

Date of birth: 23/07/1985

Describes himself as adventurous, determined, and passionate.

Are there any trends or new media platforms you believe are overrated?

Vine - but I thought Twitter would be a passing fad.

What skills do you think are most important to get ahead in marketing today?

Hard work, willingness to learn and understanding the world around you. You need to really get to know what your target market is and how you can engage with it in a new and surprising way for people to want to talk about it. Learn from the best, wherever, however, you can.

What is your biggest marketing challenge?

It's the same challenge we all face. Marketing has changed, as has the way in which the consumer wants to be spoken to. Brands need to understand their identity and how their target market wants to be communicated with.


Senior brand manager, digital and participation, Diageo

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As part of the global brand team, Looby works to create global assets that resonate locally, as well as underlining the Guinness brands' global positioning. Based in Dublin, her core remit is leading the digital and PR agenda across the brand, as well as managing key marketing campaigns such as that marking St Patrick's Day.

Date of birth: 03/04/81

Describes herself as authentic, flexible and friendly.

What are your biggest marketing challenges?

We don't have as much control as we once had - we need to become experts at influence and focus on driving brand-love through authentic relationships.

Are there any trends or new media platforms you believe are overrated?

Branded native mobile apps that don't provide "real" utility and consumer benefit.

What skills do you think are most important to get ahead in marketing today?

Be led by real consumer insight - go as deep as possible to uncover a real consumer truth around which to create marketing campaigns.



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