Adwatch: Norwich Union - '43/17'

Raymond Baxter wittered on about it on Tomorrow's World and the freaky folk who want to cryogenically freeze their bodies so they can live again obviously think about it a lot too. But the rest of us don't really like thinking about the future. I can never think further than about ... here. Let alone ... here. So when I'm prompted to think about saving for the future, my first thought is, 'yes, er, well, I'll think about it ... tomorrow'. Which is exactly what those lovely, caring people at Norwich Union would like to talk to me about. Don't put things off, its new campaign shouts. (Well, I've been putting off writing this for the past two days, so they've got their work cut out if they want me to save some money with them.) Anyway, I'm listening. A woman from Liverpool (nice - that's short for a real person) tells us she's 43, but inside she's 17. Not only that, but she's up for a snog and wouldn't mind getting her kit off - calm down, calm down. She's not interested in any of yer financial wotnot, she says, 'I'll worry about getting older when I'm older'. The point is made and it's made ... well, quite well.

The trouble is we've all been shafted by so many financial institutions that it's hard to know who to trust to look after our money. Do they really care about my future wealth and health? Do they?

Anyway, the ad has reminded me that I should be thinking about it. And Norwich Union is being quite insistent about it - its posters are absolutely everywhere. So I will think about it ... next week. Oooh, I'm away next week ... when I get back. Anyway, I'm not even 40 yet, I've got loads of ti ...


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