Marketing Mix: We'll call you - Kraft

Devilish rumour-mongers have suggested the food manufacturer is to axe Angel Delight. Say it ain't so.

Kraft Thanks for calling Kraft consumer care, how can I help?

Mktg I've heard that you're going to stop making Angel Delight. Is that right?

Kraft No, that's pure speculation. We are still producing it and will be for a long time. It's our best product.

Mktg Why are people telling me that you're going to cease production, then?

Kraft There's no reason why. We can't get to the source of it either. We can guarantee to customers that we are not axing any of our products.

Mktg I was making Angel Delight with some other mums a few days ago and they all said they had read it was no longer going to be produced because it's not profitable any more.

Kraft I see. That's pure speculation.

Mktg So it's not up for sale?

Kraft No, not at all.

Mktg So, are the papers just making it up?

Kraft None of our senior management has issued any statement about Angel Delight being taken off the line. It's still here and it will be for a long time.

Mktg I've heard you're going to stop making Bird's Custard as well.

Kraft That's not true - it's one of our biggest-selling products. That's pure speculation on the media's part.

Mktg One more thing - I heard that the reason you're going to stop producing Angel Delight and Bird's Custard is that they are not healthy.

Kraft I can give you all the ingredients of those products - they are healthy. One of our main priorities is to produce healthy foods for children.

Mktg So it's definitely not a case of your company saying: 'Oh, let's stay quiet about this for now'? A lot of companies seem to do that, and then, lo and behold, I'll find there's no Angel Delight for me on the shelves.

Kraft I understand what you're saying. We haven't been given any briefing on that subject. It's pure speculation.


I got the feeling that this call-handler had seen Kraft spokesmen on TV dismissing rumours as speculation. Either that, or he had been briefed that this was the correct response to consumer enquiries on the subject.

The problem is, I didn't get the impression he was 100% confident about what he was saying. However, he was pleasant and listened. Let's hope those senior managers are keeping him in the loop, and not allowing him to mislead consumers.

Score 6/10.


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