MARKETING/ACNIELSEN: Biggest brands - Alcopops and snacks are the sectors to watch as this second part of the extensive Marketing/ACNielsen survey shows

Branded goods manufacturers should be encouraged by this year’s Marketing/ACNielsen Biggest Brands survey. As last week’s analysis of the fastest growing and biggest selling brands showed, demand for branded goods is high and the onslaught from own-label appears to have subsided.

Branded goods manufacturers should be encouraged by this year’s

Marketing/ACNielsen Biggest Brands survey. As last week’s analysis of

the fastest growing and biggest selling brands showed, demand for

branded goods is high and the onslaught from own-label appears to have


This week the survey shows how the leading brands are doing in their

respective sectors. The star performers here are Bass Brewers’ Hooper’s

Hooch and CKOne - the unisex brand which is the biggest male and third

biggest female fragrance. CKOne is fast becoming a cult youth brand and

is sure to feature heavily in next year’s survey.

Other new sectors to look out for are pot desserts, in which Muller is

doing very well, and cakes, featuring this year’s fastest grower,


Below, Marketing writers tell the stories behind ACNielsen’s data.

Flavoured alcoholic beverages 178.9% (sales growth 1995-96)

The sector is dominated by one brand, Bass Brewers’ Hooper’s Hooch, with

sales of pounds 43m in 1996 - the only alcoholic carbonate registering

sales above pounds 10m last year. One of the first ’alcopops’ - launched

in 1994 - Hooch remains the industry’s biggest advertiser. In 1996,

Hooch became the only brand to advertise on TV.

During 1996, this rapidly expanding sector was accused of targeting

underage drinkers. Bass was forced to redesign the packaging for


Spirits manufacturers are anxious to establish a clear division between

spirit-based mixers such as Bacardi Breezer and Smirnoff Mule and the

’alcopop’ brands such as Hooch and Two Dogs.

Snacks 17%

Once again, the snacks sector is the second fastest growing in this

year’s table. For the first time, the sector has expanded to include

baked snacks such as McVitie’s Cheddars.

Walkers, Doritos and Pringles have all stepped up their promotional

campaigns and the move into larger brands has increased the value of the


Last year’s relaunch of Wotsits and Skips has only added to the


Cakes 11.8%

Undoubtedly the big success story in this category is Entenmann’s.

It is also helped by the introduction of the ’single serve’ cake, which

pits the cake bar against more traditional snack products.

However, while the big cake brands such as Entenmann’s and Lyons Corner

House are thriving at one end of the market and the cake-bars at the

other, the middle ground of traditional cakes such as pie and tarts is

finding it tough going.

Paper products 11%

Paper Products have been knocked off the top spot and slipped down to

fourth position, showing an 11% increase. The sector suffered from

increased competition from own-label products.

Kimberly-Clark’s Andrex toilet tissue retained its number one position

with sales of pounds 188m and Kleenex toilet tissue stayed at number two

after changing hands from Kimberly-Clark to Svenska Cellulosa

Aktiebolager last year.

International food 10.7%

As the British public’s appetite for foreign food continues to grow so

too does this sector, with Patak’s, Sacla, Sharwood’s and Tilda Rice all

doing particularly well.

Sauces dominate the top ten brands, which together generate sales of

over pounds 180m. The Italians still have the edge over their Indian

rivals, with Dolmio and Ragu remaining in the top three.

Confectionery 7%

The dominance of Nestle-Rowntree, Cadbury and Mars has been challenged

by a newcomer - Wrigley’s Extra.

The sugar-free gum, which has grown by 28%, has been marketed on the

back of dentists’ recommendations and makes its debut in a category that

has grown by 7%.

The majority of growth in confectionery comes from the multiples, which

have offered multi-pack promotions.

The impulse purchase is regarded to have suffered, although Kit Kat’s

launch of limited editions has helped to keep the brand at the top of

the table.

Household cleaners 6.8%

Household cleaning products are up 6.8% to pounds 385m. Procter & Gamble

claims the top two spots with Fairy and Flash. Growth in this market has

come largely with brand extensions of established names, such as Flash

or Jif.

P&G last year launched three new versions of Flash. It may not have the

biggest brands in the sector, but Lever Bros still has three of its

products in the top 10.

Biscuits 6.7%

This year is the first time biscuits have had a category of their own

and overall the top ten brands have enjoyed 6.7% growth.

When it come to sweet biscuits, McVitie’s is king, with five of the top

ten brands.

This category also includes cheese biscuits. Ryvita takes the third

position ahead of the classic Jacobs Cream Crackers.

Beers 6.5%

The beer industry landscape remained unchanged during 1996, with

Whitbread’s Stella Artois holding on to the number one position in the


Carling Black Label holds steady in second place, followed by Heineken

and Carlsberg Special Brew.

Across the sector, sales continued to grow during 1996, up 6.5% to

pounds 607.5m.

Foster’s was the only new entrant into the top ten beer brands during

1996, benefiting from Scottish Courage’s pounds 25m investment behind

the brand this year.

Personal care 6.3%

There were no new entries in the top ten last year. Tambrands’ Tampax

has held on to the number one slot and Procter & Gamble’s Always has

notched up one position pushing Colgate-Palmolive’s tooth paste Colgate

into third position.

There were no real surprises in the sector in 1996. However, Elida’s

Lynx did manage to rise one place to number four. The growth of share

may be attributed to a rebranding campaign in 1996 for Lynx Body


Female fragrances 5.5%

Chanel No.5 continues to lead the female fragrance sector with the

French holding their own against the Americans.

The sector’s modest growth was buoyed by the relatively new category of

unisex fragrances and this year duty free sales were included in the

research. CKOne coming in at number three is an indication of that


The top fragrances are still filled with well established perfumes.

OTC 4.8%

In 1996, sales in the over-the-counter sector fell as supermarkets

slashed prices on own brands. Seven Seas stayed at number one but its

share of the fish-oils market suffered from increased own-label


Crookes Healthcare’s Nurofen was the only true star performer, moving

from eighth position last year to third this year. Nurofen 12-pack

changed its classification and can now be bought more widely. Crookes

says this boosted the brand’s share of the adult analgesics category

from 13.2% to 15.2%.

Canned foods 4.4%

Heinz continues to dominate the price-sensitive canned-food sector, with

sales of Heinz Soups exceeding pounds 117m during 1996. Heinz Soups now

outsell Heinz Beans, with sales between pounds 95m and pounds 100m.

Heinz Beans has been under particular pressure from own-label.

Overall, the sector continues to grow, with sales up to pounds 478m in


Other manufacturers holding a top-ten slot include John West. Del Monte

Canned Fruit clings to tenth place.

Soft drinks 3.7%

This year the sector has been expanded from solely carbonated soft

drinks to include all soft drinks, which has had a noticeable effect on

the top ten brands.

Carbonated soft-drink sales are always strongly affected by the weather

and last summer’s mediocre temperatures may account for the relatively

low growth.

As ever, Coca-Cola is the clear leader with Pepsi following behind


Both invested heavily in marketing last year, with Coke’s Euro ’96

campaign and Pepsi’s blue redesign being two of the highlights.

Brands making an entrance this year include Robinsons, Del Monte and


Spreads 3.5%

Van den Bergh’s Flora still leads the field ahead of rivals such as

Anchor, Lurpak and Clover.

Flora had a pounds 5m relaunch and sponsored the London Marathon. One

Foot in the Grave star Richard Wilson was signed up to appear in its TV


Unigate last year moved into the market with the pounds 788m acquisition

of Vitalite and Golden Churn from Kraft and has its work cut out to turn

around the brands which have been losing sales for some years. Despite

dropping two places on last year, Vitalite has managed to stay in the

top 10.

Male fragrances 3.4%

Male fragrances enjoyed growth in 1996 compared with a dip of 1.6% the

year before. The arrival of unisex brands has boosted the market, with

CKOne storming to the top of the table, overtaking Yves Saint Laurent’s

top fragrances Kouros and Jazz. Duty-free sales were also included in

the research for the first time this year.

Babycare 3.1%

The UK babycare market is worth more than pounds 400m. What goes in and

what comes out tends to be the driving force for sales - a point

reflected by the top ten brands, which are either food, milk or


Procter & Gamble’s Pampers Nappies has a large slice of it with sales of

over pounds 186m. Last year, the Pampers brand was upgraded and backed

by a pounds 3.5m campaign. Behind it comes Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies,

with sales of up to pounds 60m. Pampers price had been cut by P&G, and

ACNielsen figures last year suggested sales had dropped. But the baby

market remains buoyant with a 3.1% sales rise.

Frozen foods 2.8%

An established ’mature’ market, sales of frozen foods grew modestly in

1996 to pounds 476.6m. The sector is dominated by Birds Eye, with six of

the top 10 frozen brands.

June 1996 was a landmark for Birds Eye, which announced its intention to

drop sub-brands such as MenuMaster, Healthy Option, Country Club and

Steakhouse. The move is symptomatic of a pan-European focus. Hence

masterbrands dominate.

Heinz, Bernard Matthews and McCain foods were the other manufacturers

whose brands secured a top ten slot, with McCain Frozen Chips the second

most popular frozen brand during 1996.

Fabric care 2.3%

There are more than 100 separate laundry detergent lines on the market

and both Procter & Gamble and Unilever have decided to cut down on the

number of sub-brands and different sizes.

Leading brands have been the subject of price cutting initiated largely

through Procter & Gamble’s everyday low pricing strategy, and retailers

reducing own-label.

The same brands appear in the top ten, with Ariel leading Persil, which

has still not fully recovered from the trouble with Persil Power. Sales

of around pounds 180m to pounds 185m are still down on a figure of

pounds 220m in 1994.

Hot beverages 1.6%

Despite being a nation of tea drinkers, it would appear we’ve stalled on

consumption with the top ten brands in hot beverages, which grew by only

1.6% this year, compared with 8.6% in 1995.

As ever, Nestle’s Nescafe coffee brand is the best seller. The majority

of the brands remain the same as last year, although Tetley’s managed to

overtake PG Tips. Both brands have continued with their traditional

advertising themes of cartoon tea folk and chimpanzees respectively.

The newcomers are tea brands Twinings and Yorkshire Tea, indicating that

even if volume isn’t growing much, the premium brand teas are increasing

in popularity.

Cereals -0.3%

The cereals market for the top brands remained almost static in 1996,

due to the expansion of retailer own-label versions and the growth in

specifically targeted products from manufacturers such as Kellogg’s

Sustain and Weetabix’s Advantage for the sportier cereal-eater.

Kellogg continues to dominate the market with a 40% share, but there’s

little room for complacency as Weetabix (15% of the market) closes on

Kellogg’s market leader Corn Flakes. Nestle’s only top ten entry,

Shredded Wheat, climbed a place.

Kellogg has begun the manufacturer fight-back, with a major corporate

campaign through Leo Burnett stating boldly, ’We never make cereals for

anyone else’.

Spirits -7.9%

With alcoholic carbonates now established as a separate category, the

spirits sector is this year bereft of its core growth category. Across

the core brands, sales declined year-on-year during 1996, down to pounds


Despite the spirits manufacturers’ efforts to improve their marketing to

younger consumers and the lifting of the voluntary TV ad ban at the end

of 1995, the sector continues to feel the pressure of brand saturation

and declining consumers.

The line-up of the top brands in 1996 looks similar to 1995, although

Gordon’s Gin has lost the number two slot to Famous Grouse. The only new

brand featured in the top ten this year is Bailey’s Irish Liquor, which

has benefited from its appeal to a younger audience.


Now in its eighth year, Biggest Brands serves to give an indication of

the leading retail brands across a selection of fast moving consumer

goods markets. The charts have been compiled by ACNielsen exclusively

for Marketing magazine.

ACNielsen’s comprehensive database incorporates:

- Retail market tracking via the ACNielsen Retail Measurement Service,

which provides the definitive monitor of consumer sales. Scanning data

and Panel estimates are integrated into the service making it the

fastest and most accurate monitor of consumer sales anywhere in


- Consumer Purchasing analysis derived from Homescan, ACNielsen’s

electronic household panel comprising 10,500 households throughout the


- Weekly Scanning data from Scantrack which provides rapid information

on consumer sales though the key account EPOS stores, enabling swift

evaluation of tactical marketing campaigns.

Market coverage and categories are as follows:

- Total grocers: pot desserts, international foods, spreads, cereals,

hot beverages, fabric care, petfood, paper products, cakes, biscuits,

household cleaners

- Co-op & defined multiple grocers: frozen foods, canned foods

- Grocers, CTNs, filling stations & off licence: confectionery, crisps &


- All outlets: OTC, babycare, personal care, soft drinks

- Off trade: beer, spirits, flavoured alcoholic beverages

Sales figures are quoted in pounds m within a range of pounds 5m

brackets and relate to the 52 weeks ending December 1996. Ad spend

figures are sourced from ACNielsen/MEAL. A brand is identified as a

collection of products in the same product field sold under the same

brand name.

This year, ACNielsen offers its best ever tracking service following

recent improvements in retail measurement. The improved service, with

greater use of EPOS scanning information, and the integration of panel

estimates to extend coverage, has been used for the compilation of this

year’s Biggest Brands.

This means that this year’s Biggest Brands cannot be compared directly

with those of last year’s publication.

Flavoured alcoholic beverages

   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Hooper’s Hooch                  Over 43m  Bass                 994.9

2  Bacardi Breezer                   5 - 10  Westbay             1501.0

3  Two Dogs                         Under 5  Merrydown              8.1

4  Smirnoff Moscow Mule             Under 5  IDV                  835.9

5  Shott’s                          Under 5  Whitbread            459.6

6  Woodys                           Under 5  Beverage Brands       42.5

7  Malibu Caribbean Cocktails       Under 5  IDV                    0.0

8  Martini Metz                     Under 5  Westbay             1256.6

9  Diamond Zest                     Under 5  Taunton              330.7

10 Southern Comfort Range           Under 5  IDV                 3000.7


   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Walkers Potato Crisps          Over 388m  Pepsico             6961.2

2  Hula Hoops                       70 - 75  United Biscuits     3390.4

3  Pringles                         65 - 70  P & G               2741.2

4  Quavers                          55 - 60  Pepsico             1421.6

5  Golden Wonder Potato Crisps      45 - 50  Golden Wonder       1758.1

6  Doritos                          40 - 45  Pepsico             1726.4

7  Wotsits                          40 - 45  Golden Wonder        846.5

8  Skips                            40 - 45  United Biscuits     1305.0

9  McVitie’s Cheddars               35 - 40  United Biscuits      232.9

10 Monster Munch                    25 - 30  Pepsico              311.2


   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Mr Kipling                      Over 96m  Manor Bakeries      2548.2

2  Cadbury                          50 - 55  Manor Bakeries      1511.2

3  Lyons                            45 - 50  Manor Bakeries         0.0

4  McVitie’s                        30 - 35  McVitie’s              0.0

5  Entenmann’s                       5 - 10  CPC                 2267.8

6  Dancake                           5 - 10  Carrs Foods            0.0

7  Hales                             5 - 10  Manor Bakeries         0.0

8  Ottoman                           5 - 10  Carrs Foods            0.0

9  Knightsbridge                    Under 5  Jessie Oldfield        0.0

10 Country Garden                   Under 5  Ravensberg BV          0.0

Paper products

   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Andrex Toilet Tissue           Over 188m  Kimberly-Clark      7464.4

2  Kleenex Toilet Tissue          100 - 105  Svenska Cellulosa

                                             Aktiebolager        1692.0

3  Kleenex Facial Tissue            55 - 60  Kimberly-Clark      7204.6

4  Dixcel Toilet Tissue             25 - 30  Jamont UK            967.4

5  Andrex Kitchen Towels            15 - 20  Kimberly-Clark      1181.9

6  Nouvelle Toilet Tissue           10 - 15  Fort Sterling         16.7

7  Kleenex Kitchen Towels           10 - 15  Svenska Cellulosa

                                             Aktiebolager           0.0

8  Gulp Kitchen Towels               5 - 10  AM Paper Converters    0.0

9  Nouvelle Kitchen Towels          Below 5  Fort Sterling          0.0

10 Dixcel Kitchen Towels            Below 5  Jamont UK              0.0

International foods

   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Dolmio Pasta Sauce              Over 35m  Master Foods        5429.4

2  Sharwood’s Indian Food           25 - 30  Sharwwods           1081.7

3  Ragu Pasta Sauce                 20 - 25  Van den Bergh       1344.1

4  Uncle Ben’s Rice                 20 - 25  Master Foods        3076.0

5  Patak’s Indian Food              10 - 15  Patak Spices         831.7

6  Buitoni Dry Pasta                10 - 15  Nestle               232.4

7  Tilda Rice                       10 - 15  Tilda                332.9

8  Old El Paso Mexican Food          5 - 10  Grand Met Foods        0.0

9  Sharwood’s Noodles                5 - 10  Sharwood             131.3

10 Sacla Sauces                      5 - 10  Sacla                965.1


   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Kit Kat                        Over 141m  Nestle Rowntree     4707.7

2  Mars Bar                       120 - 125  Mars                1432.4

3  Cadbury Dairy Milk             100 - 105  Cadbury              255.4

4  Galaxy                           90 - 95  Mars                 126.7

5  Roses                            70 - 75  Cadbury             2197.2

6  Twix                             65 - 70  Mars                3161.7

7  Snickers                         60 - 65  Mars                3848.2

8  Quality Street                   60 - 65  Nestle Rowntree     2594.9

9  Maltesers                        60 - 65  Mars                2701.9

10 Wrigley’s Extra                  55 - 60  Wrigley’s           4684.8

Household cleaners

   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Fairy                         Over 77.9m  Procter & Gamble    5686.5

2  Flash                            50 - 55  Procter & Gamble    8209.9

3  Domestos                         50 - 55  Lever Brothers      8747.6

4  Finish                           45 - 50  Benkieser           4497.6

5  Glade                            40 - 45  Johnson Wax         2741.5

6  Jif                              35 - 40  Lever Brothers      3733.6

7  Mr Muscle                        25 - 30  Johnson Wax          897.6

8  Persil                           15 - 20  Lever Brothers      1550.1

9  Haze                             15 - 20  Reckitt & Colman     445.2

10 Morning Fresh                    15 - 20                         0.0


   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  McVitie’s Homewheat Total       Over 49m  McVities               0.0

2  McVitie’s Digestives Total       35 - 40  McVities            2268.6

3  Ryvita Total                     20 - 25  Ryvita              1290.1

4  McVitie’s Rich Tea Total         15 - 20  McVities               0.0

5  McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes            10 - 15  McVities              36.7

6  Jacobs Cream Crackers            10 - 15  Jacobs Bakery       1126.0

7  Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers      10 - 15  Premier Brands       647.8

8  Maryland Cookies                  5 - 10  Allied Domeq

                                             Lyons Bakeries         0.0

9  McVitie’s Hob Nobs Total          5 - 10  McVities               0.0

10 Ritz Crackers Total               5 - 10  Jacobs Bakery          0.0


   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Stella Artois                  Over 110m  Whitbread           6094.3

2  Carling Black Label              90 - 95  Bass Brewers        3519.3

3  Heineken                         55 - 60  Whitbread           5437.7

4  Carlsberg Special Brew           55 - 60  Carlsberg-Tetley       0.0

5  Budweiser                        55 - 60  Anheuser-Busch      8384.4

6  Skol                             50 - 55  Carlsberg-Tetley      11.6

7  Tennent’s Super                  45 - 50  Bass Brewers          62.3

8  Foster’s                         45 - 50  Scottish Courage    6663.3

9  Boddingtons                      40 - 45  Whitbread           6533.2

10 Guinness Original                40 - 45  Guinness           10936.8

Personal care

   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Tampax                          Over 88m  Tambrands           3902.9

2  Always                           80 - 85  Procter & Gamble    7669.1

3  Colgate                          75 - 80  Colgate-Palmolive  11011.7

4  Lynx                             55 - 60  Elida Faberge       7541.7

5  Sure                             50 - 55  Elida Faberge       5519.3

6  Ulay                             50 - 55  Procter & Gamble    8801.7

7  Sensor                           50 - 55  Gillette            6408.0

8  Pantene                          40 - 45  Procter & Gamble   21401.4

9  Macleans                         40 - 45  SmithKline Beecham  5336.8

10 Lil-lets                         35 - 40  Smith & Nephew      1758.8

Female fragrances

   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Chanel No 5                     Over 17m  Chanel              1423.8

2  Anais Anais                      15 - 20  Cacharel (L’Oreal)   375.1

3  CK One                           15 - 20  Calvin Klein        2227.3

4  Opium                            15 - 20  Yves St Laurent      643.8

5  Samsara                          10 - 15  Guerlain             470.2

6  Loulou                           10 - 15  Cacharel (L’Oreal)    19.4

7  Dune                             10 - 15  Christian Dior       254.0

8  Charlie                          10 - 15  Revlon               336.0

9  Giorgio                           5 - 10  Giorgio Beverly

                                             Hills                708.4

10 Paris FF Brand                    5 - 10  Yves St Laurent      251.5

Pot desserts

   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Muller Yoghurt                 Over 139m  Muller              5015.2

2  Ski Yoghurt                      50 - 55  Eden Vale            878.5

3  St Ivel Shape Yoghurt            45 - 50  St Ivel              926.2

4  Yoplait Fromage Frais            30 - 35  Yoplait              199.6

5  St Ivel Cadbury’s Desserts       25 - 30  St Ivel               72.5

6  Munch Bunch Fromage Frais        25 - 30  Eden Vale              0.0

7  Muller Desserts                  20 - 25  Muller              1761.7

8  St Ivel Shape Fromage Frais      10 - 15  St Ivel                0.0

9  Munch Bunch Yoghurt               5 - 10  Eden Vale            364.9

10 Onken Yoghurt                     5 - 10  Onken                411.0


   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Seven Seas Fish Oils            Over 48m  Seven Seas          4925.3

2  Anadin Analgesics                40 - 45  Whitehall Labs      1712.4

3  Nurofen Analgesics               25 - 30  Crookes Healthcare  7413.0

4  Lemsip Cold Treatments           25 - 30  Reckitt & Colman    1881.8

5  Beecham Cold Treatments          25 - 30  SmithKline Beecham  4307.6

6  Sanatogen Vitamins               25 - 30  Roche Consumer      2469.0

7  Benylin Cough Liquid             20 - 25  Warner Lambert      2730.5

8  Solphadeine Analgesics           15 - 20  SmithKline Beecham  1034.8

9  Nicorette Smoking Cessations     15 - 20  Parmacia & Upjohn   2715.6

10 Calpol Child Analgesic           15 - 20  Warner Lambert       403.1

Canned foods

   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Heinz Soup                     Over 117m  Heinz H J            336.8

2  Heinz Baked Beans               95 - 100  Heinz H J              3.1

3  Heinz Spaghetti                  50 - 55  Heinz H J              0.0

4  John West Tuna                   40 - 45  John West Foods        1.2

5  Ambrosia Milk Puddings           30 - 35  CPC                 1620.5

6  John West Salmon                 35 - 40  John West Foods        2.6

7  Baxters Soup                     25 - 30  Baxters             1238.4

8  Homepride Cook in Sauce          25 - 30  Campbells           2775.0

9  Campbells Soup                   25 - 30  Campbells Soups     3374.0

10 Del Monte Canned Fruit           20 - 25  Del Monte            240.4

Soft drinks

   Brand                           pounds m  Company           Ad spend

                                 sales 1996               (pounds 000s)

1  Coca-Cola                      Over 542m  Coca-Cola          26169.5

2  Pepsi           &


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