SALES PROMOTION LEAGUE TABLES 1999: Mergers reshape the SP landscape - The big communications groups are busy restructuring with one aim - to dominate. An analysis of the SP league tables follows

There’s a different look to this year’s sales promotion Top 10.

There’s a different look to this year’s sales promotion Top 10.

Still out in front is Carlson, which had an excellent growth year for

such a big agency. In the following pack, however, are several new and

unexpected names.

Much of this is the result of the big, international communications

groups restructuring their below-the-line services. The aim is

domination. The argument is that big clients want big suppliers, able to

offer genuine expertise in a range of disciplines, and ideally across


In just a few short years, for instance, we have seen Tequila develop

from a small but award-winning creative hot shop, privately owned, to an

international network within the Omnicom empire. At the beginning of

this year it was merged with sister company Payne Stracey, a

well-respected direct marketing specialist - a deal which has helped

move it up from ninth to second slot.

Immediately behind is another Omnicom subsidiary, the fast-rising

Claydon Heeley, and then a completely new name to the list, Mosaic Group

Marketing Services (MGMS).

Mosaic is a publicly-quoted Canadian group, pursuing an aggressive

acquisition strategy. Its UK purchases include two important field

marketing companies, FMCG and EMS (see Marketing’s field marketing

league tables, September 2). It has now put two SP/DM agencies, ZGC and

Stretch the Horizon, together with some other interests, into MGMS.

In tenth place is Bates-owned 141 Communications. Its story is one of

major management change, but also the amalgamation of below-the-line

offshoots - 141 London, Bates Communications and Bates Interactive.

And that’s not all: it’s understood that the staff of two more Omnicom

agencies, Clarke Hooper and Momentum Integrated, have been told a merger

is planned. If it goes ahead, the result will be yet another firm with a

gross profit of around pounds 12m, vying to be in the top five or six in

the country.

Meanwhile, only last week, Omnicom’s arch rival, WPP, acquired


While an announcement stated it would retain its distinctive identity,

there is already speculation that Perspectives will be merged with WPP’s

other entry in the league, Promotional Campaigns.

For once, it has been tricky to work out an overall industry growth


Some major players (Tequila, Mosaic, Alcone) have not provided

comparative figures for 1997-98, because of their restructuring. Taking

these out of the reckoning, and adjusting for 141’s true underlying

expansion, the industry figure looks to be some 20%.

But it’s not universal, and it’s not the whole story. ’I have never

before witnessed such dynamism, with two major factors stridently

emerging with profound impact,’ says Mike Pearce, a veteran of the Mars

group, and chairman of TSM consultancy.

Internet impact

First, he says, is new media, with e-commerce threatening to undermine

many current and conventional ways of doing business. ’This is

generating a radical shift in client needs, covering everything from

advice on customer relationship management (CRM) strategy, through web

site design, to new-media advertising,’ he says.

’Second, clients are progressively employing consultants to provide

strategy advice on all brand and CRM issues, including brand

positioning. It means that some agencies are at risk of being

downgraded, in clients’ eyes, to the role of mere implementers.

The requirement, arguably, is for specialism rather than


In what might be termed the ’new marketing’, the brand remains

paramount, but is now seen to touch the consumer in many more

situations. Marketing retains responsibility for long-term brand

building, but is held accountable for short-term results.

At the same time, new priorities are rising up the agenda, including

brand and corporate reputation, and internal communications which,

arguably, can both be linked to profitability and share performance.

CRM, one-to-one and database marketing, e-commerce and the digital

revolution are additional elements in an increasingly confused


Entrepreneurial marketing

One might ask what this has got to do with traditional sales


A lot of it has disappeared. Leading SP consultancies may express it in

different ways, but a common theme is that their role today is to

identify their clients’ business problems, and provide the most

effective solution, irrespective of media or discipline.

Industry veteran Michael Ingram bemoans the fact that much independence

of thought is being lost through the development of ever bigger,

multi-discipline agencies. ’Sales promotion agencies per se are almost a

thing of the past,’ he says. ’The challenge will be whether sales

promotion itself will be lost.’

However, Tequila’s chief executive, Jane Asscher, draws a critical


’I do believe that the days of the more traditional sales promotion

agency are numbered, but the role of sales promotion itself remains

critical,’ she says. ’Sales promotion can improve the quality of

customer acquisition, convergence and retention, and it drives

innovation. It’s a vital tool in the armoury.’

Meanwhile, with so many involved in an arms race to broaden their

weaponry, it’s as well to test whether an agency’s expertise and

experience matches its claims in some of these highly skilled areas. Jon

Claydon, joint chief executive at Claydon Heeley, agrees that

traditional sales promotion is contracting, and believes that the

growing number of new areas of interest to clients will cause the

industry to fracture, with agencies specialising in different


’The question is, how good can you be at each?’ asks Heeley. ’Is it

sustainable to be ’a bit good’ at a lot of things? Deconstructed markets

create opportunities as well as threats. The winners will win big and

the losers will lose big.’

His own agency’s strategy has been to move even more strongly into

direct marketing, in the belief that clients will be ’massively focused’

on data and e-commerce.

Independent success

There are now no independent SP consultancies in the top 10, although,

perhaps surprisingly, there are five in the 11-20 band. These are

Triangle, The Haygarth Group, Dynamo, Logistix Kids, and PDP. All have

been on the receiving end of numerous takeover approaches.

The biggest, Triangle, has just restructured into three separately

managed companies, including The Storm Agency, launched in July as a

specialist retail and channel marketing consultancy. The result is to

free up chairman Kevin Twittey to do what he loves best, which is to

throw himself into the agency’s creative work.

’I have more client contact now than I have had for several years, and

am very much enjoying it,’ he says.

For his colleagues in the industry it would now be a major surprise if

Twittey forfeited his independence. Similarly, Ian Madeley, managing

director of Logistix Kids, says his company is privately owned, with a

small board and tight team, ’and every intention of staying that


Until a week ago, Perspectives was in a similar position. ’We must have

received approaches in ten of the past 12 years, although the frequency

has increased. But, as James Bond says, ’never say never’,’ was the

teasing response of chairman John Williams. ’We seem to retain our

clients longer than most, so any deal we struck would have to make sense

to them. Anything else would be catastrophic.’

Let’s look at the deals that have gone through, starting with the bigger

groups. Merging Payne Stracey into Tequila will certainly give more

depth to the latter’s direct marketing effort. However, it was made

clear to Marketing earlier in the year that Tequila is the name that is

being rolled out internationally, while Payne Stracey is seen simply as

a strong UK brand.

It’s a similar story within Mosaic. When Mark Sheard, founder of Sheard

Thompson Harris (STH), changed the sign to Stretch the Horizon, the

reaction was, ’not another weird agency name’. But many would agree that

he has done an excellent job in establishing the brand.

Its new owners have plans to develop it further within the UK, says Mark

Zimmer, chief executive of Mosaic Group Marketing Services. Again, ZGC

is the brand that will be developed internationally. Here, STH and ZGC

will be retained as ’separate brands with separate silos of experience,

though increasingly we will be putting teams together from the two


Though widely reported on, the 141 saga also is worth summarising


The new chairman, Graham Green, was the founder of LGM, and a one-time

chairman of the Sales Promotion Consultants Association.

Green left LGM and the Incepta group after a merger with the Citigate PR

firm. Clearly, ad agency Bates saw him as the man to sort out its

below-the-line problems, and so bought out his small, new agency, Blue

Skies, in April.

Many of the top management have left, a number before he even


’Some people threw their toys out of the pram,’ is how he puts it. But

he has recruited direct marketing expert Jeremy Shaw from Carlson as

managing director, and pulled the three separate below-the-line

subsidiaries into one.

’These things are always more painful than you expect, but it is going

extremely well,’ he says.

LGM, meanwhile, has merged with Team to form Team LGM - a deal that was

being finalised this time last year. Of much the same vintage was the

acquisition of BBL, now renamed The Works Consultancy, by the French

group SR Communication.

Dynamo owes its surge up this year’s league table, from 22nd to 14th,

partly to strong organic growth, and partly to its absorption of events

specialist Tactical Marketing.

Further down the list, at 48th, is a new name, WDPA, the product of a

merger between Quantum Leap Marketing and Signal Box.

’We needed to grow to attract the kind of clients we want to work with,’

says managing director Russell Abbott. ’The aim now is to double over

the next two or three years, either through a further deal, or organic


Overall, this year’s table is almost identical in size to last


Mergers, and a few drop-outs, such as Grey Integrated (now Joshua), and

Manifesto, have balanced out first-time appearances from the likes of

Alcone, JDi, and a veritable menagerie - Tarantula, Toucan and


The cut-off point sadly excluded entries from Marketing in Action and

the Northern Ireland agency GCAS Sales Promotion.


Rank  Consultancy                         Gross        Gross          %

                                         profit       profit     change

                                        1998-99      1997-98

                                       (pounds)     (pounds)

1     Biggart Donald Holdings         3,283,000    1,496,000     119.45

2     Dynamo Marketing                6,095,000    3,104,000      96.36

3     Logistix Kids                   5,100,000    3,100,000      64.52

4     Geoff Howe & Associates         4,126,000    2,651,000      55.64

5     Billington Cartmell             4,623,000    2,984,000      54.93

6     Black Cat                       4,781,000    3,129,000      52.80

7     Mercier Gray Group              3,479,000    2,530,000      37.51

8     Claydon Heeley International   14,067,000   10,368,000      35.68

9     Clarke Hooper Consulting        6,783,000    5,072,000      33.73

10    Momentum Integrated             5,233,000    4,032,000      29.70


Rank  Consultancy                         Gross       Gross           %

                                         profit      profit      change

                                        1998-99     1997-98

                                       (pounds)    (pounds)

1     Fleming Arthur                    665,000     360,000       84.72

2     Platform Marketing              1,800,000   1,000,000       80.00

3     Ignition Marketing Group        2,125,000   1,243,000       70.96

4     Brewer Blackler                 2,655,000   1,558,000       70.41

5     Going for the One                 286,000     172,000       66.28

6     Spearhead Marketing Agency      1,018,000     615,000       65.53

7     The Marketing Services Centre   1,447,000     931,000       55.42

8     Dakota Marketing Services         563,000     386,000       45.85

9     Positive Thinking              2,076,000    1,483,000       39.99

10    Milton PDM                      2,588,000    1,990,000      30.05


As usual, we have split the main table in two, taking a gross profit of

pounds 3m as the cut-off point, to enable us to identify the fastest

growing agencies, both small and large.

Two years of featuring among the most rapidly expanding minnows has

finally pushed Biggart Donald into the premiership, where it has managed

to top the table. Opening a London office has contributed substantially

to this success.

Consistency, or a least being on a roll, is a feature of this table.

Dynamo, Black Cat, Claydon Heeley and Clarke Hooper were all among the

top growth agencies a year ago.

Although the Bates subsidiary 141 Communications is shown in the main

table reporting a growth of 97%, this really reflects the merging of

three sister companies. The true growth rate, according to chairman

Graham Green, is still a highly respectable 22%.

Consistency also shines through in the smaller agencies’ table. Fleming

Arthur - the Tunbridge Wells-based agency of SP veteran Iain Arthur -

topped this listing in 1998, and has held on to the title.

Ignition, Positive Thinking, and Milton PDM are three other agencies

featuring among the top growers for the second successive year. Brewer

Blackler, Billington Cartmell and Going for the One just missed the

cut-off point a year ago, but have made it this time.


Rk  Consultancy                               Gross       Gross        %

                                            profit,     profit,   change

                                            1998-99     1997-98

                                           (pounds)    (pounds)

1   Carlson Marketing Group              24,756,000  20,667,000    19.79

Founded 1982, subsidiary of Carlson (US).

Joint CEOs David Perkins, Steve Cook.

Major focus on CRM. Clients include Esso,

Scottish Courage, Coca-Cola & Schweppes.



web site

2   Tequila Payne Stracey                16,511,000         n/a     -

Newly merged subsidiary of TBWA

(Omnicom). Joint chairmen Tom Wass

and David Payne, CEO Jane Asscher.

Clients include BT, Weightwatchers,



web site

3   Claydon Heeley International         14,067,000  10,368,000    35.68

Founded 1991, subsidiary of Omnicom.

Joint CEOs Jon Claydon, Mark Heeley;

mng ptnr Leo Campbell. DM 45%,

consultancy 15%, design 10%. Clients

include Bradford & Bingley, BA,

Pepsi/Britvic. ISP, DMA.


4   Mosaic Group Marketing               13,560,000         n/a     -

Founded 1999 (see text), subsidiary

of Mosaic Group (Canada). CEO Mark

Zimmer, chief operating officer John

Gellett Clients include Coca-Cola,

Renault, BSkyB. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


web site

5   Holmes & Marchant Group              13,120,000  12,740,000     2.98

Founded 1976, publicly quoted.

Chairman John F. Holmes. Non-SP

design, PR, consultancy represent

65% of total. Clients include

Van den Bergh, Whitbread, Heinz.



web site

6   IMP                                  12,699,000  11,999,000     5.83

Founded 1968, subsid. of DMB&B.

CEO John Quarrey, joint dep mds

Peter Hollins, Laura Jones.

Diverse services, incl DM 40%.

Clients include Philips, Orange,



web site

7   KLP Euro RSCG                        11,210,000  10,928,000     2.58

Founded 1974, subsidiary of Havas

Advertising. Chairman Iain Ferguson.

Non-SP direct marketing 24%,

consultancy 9%. Clients include

Bass, Peugeot, Abbey National.


web site

8   The Marketing Store Worldwide        10,503,000   8,841,000    18.80

Founded 1986, subsidiary of Havi

Group (US). Chairman Graham Kemp,

md Miles Hanson, creative Shelford

Chandler. Major clients Bass Brewers,

Walkers Snack Foods, Seagram.



web site

9   Interfocus Network                    9,200,000   8,776,000     4.83

Founded 1989, subsidiary of Lowe.

Chairman Sandy Scott,

md Matthew Hooper.

Consultancy 30%. Clients include

Lloyds TSB, Sony, Digital

Broadcasting Co. ISP, SPCA, DMA, IPA.


web site

10  141 Communications                    8,901,000   4,515,000    97.14

Founded 1992, subsidiary of

Concordiant. Recently restructed

(see text).

Chairman Graham Green, md Jeremy

Shaw. Clients include BAT, The

Halifax, Vodafone. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


web site

11  Triangle                              8,203,000   6,839,000    19.94

Founded 1975, privately owned.

Chairman Kevin Twittey. DM 20%,

consultancy 15%, design 10%.

Clients inc Safeway, Guinness,

Cadbury. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


web site

12  The Haygarth Group                    7,277,000   6,130,000    18.71

Founded 1984, privately owned.

Group directors Stephen Morris,

Bernice Lovell. Clients include

Gallaher, Nokia, BBC. ISP, DMA.


web site

13  Clarke Hooper Consulting              6,783,000   5,072,000    33.73

Founded 1974, subsidiary of

AMV.BBDO (Omnicom). Chairman Barry

Clarke, md Andrew Roberts.

Consultancy, DM, design total 75%.

Clients include BT Cellnet,

Conoco/Jet, Volvo. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


web site

14  Dynamo Marketing                      6,095,000   3,104,000    96.36

Founded 1990, privately owned.

Chairman Iain Sanderson. Non-SP

direct marketing, 5%. Clients

include Coca-Cola, Scottish &

Newcastle Retail, Tesco. ISP, SPCA.


web site

15  Alcone Marketing Group                5,671,000         n/a     -

Founded 1995, subsidiary of

Omnicom. Chairman Tom Preece,

md Pat Reading.

DM 20%, non-SP consultancy and

design, 10% each. Clients incl

Burger King, Eddie Bauer,

Gallaher. ISP, DMA.


web site

16  Marketing Drive                       5,407,000   5,414,000    -0.13

Founded 1988, subsidiary of

True North. Managing director

Graham King.

Clients include Chrysler,

McVitie’s, Buena Vista. ISP,



17  Momentum Integrated                   5,233,000   4,032,000    29.79

Founded 1989, subsid. of AMV.BBDO

(Omnicom). Chairman Ian Jacob.

Advtg, design, DM, PR,

consultancy total 60%.

Clients incl Scottish Courage,

Gillette, Mars. Member, ISP.


web site

18  Logistix Kids                         5,100,000   3,100,000    64.52

Founded 1989, privately owned.

Managing director Ian Madeley,

client services Liz Taylor.

Clients include Kellogg (various

countries), Golden Wonder,

Cadbury. Member, ISP.


web site

19  Perspectives                          5,092,000   4,099,000    24.23

Founded 1987, newly acquired

by WPP. Chairman John Williams,

dep. chairman Mark Beasley.

DM 40%. Clients include

Carlsberg-Tetley, Hewlett-Packard,



web site

20  PDP                                   4,900,000   4,320,000    13.43

Founded 1984, privately owned.

Chairman David Laidler, md Brian

Rees, creative Mark Bowers.

DM 20%, non-SP design 10%, PR 5%.

Clients include Allied Domecq,

MLC, Somerfield. ISP, SPCA.


web site

21  Black Cat                             4,781,000   3,129,000    52.80

Founded 1991, privately owned.

Five partners, include Stephen

Callender, Diana Tombs. DM 45%.

Clients include Avis, Cable &

Wireless, Heathrow Express.



web site

22  Billington Cartmell                   4,623,000   2,984,000    54.93

Founded 1990, privately owned.

Chairman Ian Billington, md

Paul Cartmell, creative David

Booth. DM 35%, non-SP design

and consultancy 10%. No client

details provided. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


web site

23  Geoff Howe & Associates               4,126,000   2,651,000    55.64

Founded 1978, privately owned.

Chairman and md Geoff Howe,

creative Julian Routledge.

Clients include Hill’s Pet

Nutrition, Anheuser-Busch,

Anchor Foods. Member, ISP.


24  Communicator                          4,030,000   3,383,000    19.13

Founded 1986, subsidiary of

Lighthouse Holdings. Managing

director Paul Seligman,

creatives Mike Bullot, Sean

Roberts. CRM 25%. Clients

include Camelot, Colgate

Palmolive, Britvic. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


25  Mercier Gray Group                    3,479,000   2,530,000    37.51

Founded 1993, privately owned.

Chairman Rob Gray, md Anton

Mercier, creative Jackie Davis.

Advertising 21%, non-SP design

19%, DM 13%. No client details

provided. Member, ISP.


26  Biggart Donald Holdings               3,283,000   1,496,000   119.45

Founded 1989, privately owned.

Managing director Ghill Donald.

DM 12%, non-SP design 7%, field

marketing 5%. Clients include

Bacardi Martini, MD Foods

(Lurpak), Anheuser-Busch.



27  Team LGM                              3,260,000   2,951,000    10.47

Newly merged subsid of Incepta.

Vice-chm Tony Simpson, md Susie Vivian.

DM 20%, non-SP design 15%, consultancy

15%. Clients incl Coca-Cola, One 2 One,

Sainsbury’s. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


web site

28  Cramm Francis Woolf                   3,040,000   2,367,000    28.43

Founded 1993, privately owned.

Chairman Brian Francis, md Paul

Woolf, creative Mike Ide.

DM 35%, non-SP design 5%.

Clients include BT, Meat &

Livestock Commission, BAA.



web site

29  Promotional Campaigns Group           3,025,000   2,948,000     2.61

Founded 1971, subsidiary of WPP.

CEO Hugh Taylor. DM 15%,

consultancy 10%, design 5%.

Clients include Perfect Pizza,

IBM, Kellogg. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


web site

30  Twenty20 CbH                          2,789,000   3,247,000   -14.11

Founded 1999 (restructure of

CbH). Chairman David Moore.

Clients include Premier Brands,

Campbells, Delta. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


31  Brewer Blackler                       2,655,000   1,558,000    70.41

Founded 1991, privately owned.

Chairman Paul Brewer, md David


DM 30%, PR 17%, consultancy 10%.

Clients include One 2 One, Quaker, Dept.

of Health. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


web site

32  Milton PDM                            2,588,000   1,990,000    30.05

Founded (via merger) 1996,

subsidiary of Healthworld Corp.

Chairman Les Milton, md Lenny

Moreton. Field marketing 50%.

Clients include Hospital Saving

Association, GE Lighting,

Yorkshire Electricity. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


33  The Works Consultancy                 2,507,000   1,979,000    26.68

Founded 1998 (merger), subsid.

of SR Comms (France). Mng ptnr

Paul Vines, ptnr Simon Melville.

DM and consultancy, 10% each.

Clients include Whitbread,

Gillette, BSC. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


web site

34  The Yellow Submarine                  2,207,000   1,837,000    20.14

Founded 1992, privately owned.

Joint mds, Kevin Stott, Peter

Rooke, creative Tony Aiello.

Clients include Royal Mail,

Fina, Kraft Jacobs Suchard.



web site

35  Ignition Marketing Group              2,125,000   1,243,000    70.96

Founded 1991, privately owned.

Chairman Andrew Sutcliffe, md

Alan Smith.

DM 33%, consultancy and design

10% each. Clients include Wimpy,

Thomas Cook, Q8 Petroleum.



web site

36  Positive Thinking                     2,076,000   1,483,000    39.99

Founded 1994, privately owned.

Managing director Tim Miller,

creatives N Carter, J Mills.

DM 40%, non-SP design 20%.

Clients incl Bass, PPPhealthcare,

American Airlines. ISP, DMA.


web site

37  Scope                                 2,039,000   2,102,000    -3.00

Founded 1983, privately owned.

Chairman Charles Buddery,

commercial dir Stuart Blackburn.

DM 55%. Clients include First

Direct, Whitbread, Beefeater.



web site

38  The Russell Organisation              2,000,000   1,982,000     0.91

Founded 1982, privately owned

motor industry specialist.

Chairman Ian Russell, md Rob

Allen. Design, field marketing,

15% each. Clients include Volvo,

BMW, Honda. Member, ISP.


39  HH&S                                  1,992,000   2,658,000   -25.06

Founded 1987, privately owned.

Chairman and creative director

Richard Smith, md Michael

Halstead. Clients include

Associated Newspapers, Somerfield,

Docklands Light Railway.



40  Retail Marketing Partnership          1,931,000   2,239,000   -13.76

Founded 1987, privately owned.

Chairman and md Susan Lockhart,

creative Paul Delve. Clients

include Homebase, Bhs,

Mothercare. ISP, DMA.


41  Poulter Partners (SP Division)        1,864,000   1,609,000    15.85

Founded (SP divn) 1990,

privately owned. Chairman Richard

Lewis, md Gary McCall. Non-SP

design 20%, DM 12%, Clients

include Britvic, McCain, Matthew

Clark. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


42  Platform Marketing                    1,800,000   1,000,000    80.00

Founded 1984, privately owned.

Managing director Graham

Temple. Design, DM,

telemarketing, consultancy

account for 35%. Clients inc

Homebase, BOC, GE Lighting.



web site

43  Teamwork Marketing                    1,670,000   1,467,000    13.84

Founded 1981, privately owned.

Joint mds Bob Wood, John Clark;

creative Vicki Monaghan. Clients

include Nestle, Sara Lee, RHM

Foodservice. ISP, SPCA.


web site under construction

44  The Boroughloch Agency                1,527,000   2,000,000   -23.65

Founded 1987, privately owned.

Chairman Andrew Smith, managing

director Ward Mulvey. DM and

field marketing, 20% each.

Clients include Scottish

Courage, Green Isle Foods,

Maxxium. ISP, SPCA.


45  The Marketing Services Centre         1,447,000     931,000    55.42

Founded 1990, privately owned.

Chairman Stuart Mitchell, md

Adrian Watts.

Non-SP design, 10%. Clients

include Peacocks Stores, CRS,

Pillsbury UK.

Member, ISP.


web site

46  Bernstein Hounsfield Associates       1,227,000   1,158,000     5.96

Founded 1976, proprietor

Jared Bernstein. Non-SP

design 20%. Clients include

Guinness Ireland, Bulmers,

Coca-Cola Ireland. Member, ISP.


47  Noble Cooney & Bains                  1,150,000     990,000    16.16

Founded 1987, privately owned.

Managing director Kevin Cooney,

creative Steve Cook. DM and

non-SP design 15% each,

consultancy 10%. Clients

include Mercedes, Plantronics,



48  WDPA                                  1,080,000         n/a     -

Founded 1999 (merger, see text),

privately owned. Managing

director Russell Abbott. Non-SP

design 20%, consultancy 10%.

Clients include Lucent

Technologies, Jordans, Cathay

Pacific. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


web site

49  Spearhead Marketing Agency            1,018,000     615,000    65.53

Founded 1992, privately owned.

Chairman Steve Ward, md Nick


DM 45%, consultancy 7%.

Clients include BT Cellnet,

UUNet, Cheltenham & Gloucester.

Member, DMA.


web site

50  TSM (UK)                                942,000     885,000     6.44

Founded 1995, privately owned.

Chairman Mike Pearce, md Tony


DM 51.5%, non-SP consultancy,

18.5%. Clients include Amex

travel, Benckiser, Glenmorangie.



web site

51  ST Marketing                            862,000     760,000    13.42

Founded 1984, privately owned.

Managing director Christopher

Lynn, creative Barry Haberland.

DM 40%, consultancy 15%.

Clients include Akzo Nobel

Decorative Coatings, UDV,

Flextech Television. Member, ISP.


52  KHWS                                    859,000     705,000    21.84

Founded 1993, privately owned.

Joint mds, Andrew Watts, Nick

Hawkes, creative Mark Skelton.

DM 35%, design 15%, consultancy

10%. Clients include EMAP Metro,

Virgin Megastores, Mobil.



53  SMP                                     845,000     788,000     7.23

Founded 1983, privately owned.

Joint mds Simon Mahoney, Chris


DM 20%, design 10%, consultancy

10%. Clients inc Kimberley-Clark,

Toshiba, National Car Rental.



web site

54  Ingrams                                 836,000   1,064,000   -21.43

Founded 1975, privately owned.

Chairman Michael Ingram, md Mark

Joy, creative Greg Tustain.

DM 10%, consultancy 10%. Clients

include Ingram Micro, Travelex,

BAA. Member, ISP.


web side

55  The Marketing Bureau (London)           835,000     810,000     3.09

Founded 1984, privately owned.

Chairman and md Bob Howarth,

creative Julia Howard. Clients

include Audi, Wella, Oce UK.

Member, ISP.


56  Fleming Arthur                          665,000     360,000    84.72

Founded 1990. Chairman and

managing director Iain Arthur,

creatives Patrick Dumas, Robin

Day, Sean Domeney. Clients

include Interbaen, BT, Eastern

Electricity. Member, ISP.

57  The Marketing Hut                       602,000     526,000    14.45

Founded 1984 (as Fingerhut

Associates). Managing director

David Lazarus, creative Sarah

Cataldo. Clients inc Addis

Housewares, Novartis Consumer

Health, Groupe Schneider.

Member, ISP.


web site

58  Dakota Marketing Services               563,000     386,000    45.85

Founded 1991, privately owned.

Managing director Allistair Mitchell.

Clients include Microsoft,

Telegraph Group, Associated



59  Tarantula International                 510,000           -     -

Founded 1998, privately owned.

Managing director Steve Harding,

creative director Andy Mackenzie.

DM 35%, field marketing 10%.

Clients include BAT, Benecol,

Quorn. ISP, SPCA, DMA.


web site

60  Toucan Sales Promotion                  465,000     380,000    22.37

Founded 1991, privately owned.

Joint mds Mike Benns, Gary Rapps.

Non-SP design 25%, consultancy

10%. Clients incl Birds Eye

Wall’s, Yoplait Dairy Crest,

Kraft Jacobs Suchard. Member, ISP.


web site

61  Swordfish                               382,000           -     -

Founded 1998, privately owned.

Chairman Mark Whitmore, md Steve

Richards, design Paul Salisbury.

Clients include Channel 4,

Teletext, Argos.


web site

62  JDi Integrated Advertising              350,000     300,000    16.67

Founded 1994, privately owned.

Managing director Duncan

Richardson, creative Ken Sears.

Clients include Post Office,

Theatre Tokens, NASC. Member, ISP.


web site

63  Going for the One                       286,000     172,000    66.28

Founded 1996, privately owned.

Mng dir Linda Thomas, creative

David Kirkbright.

Clients include Currys, LG

Electronics, Moulinex Swan.


web site

64  Combination                             281,000     276,000     1.81

Founded 1988, privately owned.

Chairman Fay Branch,

md Martin Kiddle.

Non-SP consultancy, 5%.

Clients include United

Biscuits, Del Monte, Welcome

Break. ISP, BPMA.


65  Revolver Consultants                    201,000     187,000     7.49

Founded 1996, privately owned.

Mng dir Paul Adrian. Design,

DM, advertising are 60% of total.

Clients incl Haagen Dazs, JVC,

Virgin Clothing. Member, ISP.


Rk  Consultancy                              Staff    Staff     Gross

                                               now       12    profit

                                                     months       per

                                                        ago      head


1   Carlson Marketing Group                    540      480    45,844

Founded 1982, subsidiary of Carlson (US).

Joint CEOs David Perkins, Steve Cook.

Major focus on CRM. Clients include Esso,

Scottish Courage, Coca-Cola & Schweppes.



web site

2   Tequila Payne Stracey                      210      n/a    78,624

Newly merged subsidiary of TBWA

(Omnicom). Joint chairmen Tom Wass

and David Payne, CEO Jane Asscher.

Clients include BT, Weightwatchers,



web site

3   Claydon Heeley International               147      141    95,694

Founded 1991, subsidiary of Omnicom.

Joint CEOs Jon Claydon, Mark Heeley;

mng ptnr Leo Campbell.&nb


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