TOP 95 MARKET RESEARCH LEAGUE TABLES 1999: Research remains buoyant for 1999 - The ongoing wave of takeovers is accentuating the differences between large and small companies in the field of market research

Market research budgets were hit toward the end of last year, when there was so much talk of a global recession. According to a cross-section of industry leaders, not all of the work has yet been reinstated. Even so, the industry’s trade body, the British Market Research Association (BMRA), is forecasting that 1999 will be slightly better than last year, which was itself quite buoyant.

Market research budgets were hit toward the end of last year, when

there was so much talk of a global recession. According to a

cross-section of industry leaders, not all of the work has yet been

reinstated. Even so, the industry’s trade body, the British Market

Research Association (BMRA), is forecasting that 1999 will be slightly

better than last year, which was itself quite buoyant.

The companies in this year’s league table - the biggest yet produced by

Marketing on the sector - report a combined turnover of pounds 673.8m

for 1998, compared with pounds 592m for the previous year. This is an

increase of 13.8% year on year.

The BMRA’s own survey of the industry, published recently, suggested

that the growth rate last year was more like 11%. However, the

discrepancy between the two studies is not that great, given differences

in the way the data was collected, as well as differences in those


So far as ranking is concerned, there’s little change at the top. The

first six places remain the same. MORI creeps up one rung to seventh,

and retail audit specialist Information Resources (IRI Infoscan) moves

into the top ten for the first time, overtaking Maritz TRBI, Infratest

Burke, and the MBL Group.

IRI has certainly ruffled some feathers since setting up in the UK in

1992. One new initiative is Infoscan SalesWeb, giving internet access to

retailer-specific data from Tesco, Safeway, Kwik Save and Somerfield

which is only three days old.

Two new names

Unfortunately we are unable to include IRI’s arch rival, ACNielsen MEAL,

in the league table, as its US parent refuses to release financial data

about the UK operation.

Elsewhere in the top 20, Simon Godfrey Associates and The Added Value

Company move up a couple of notches. There are two new names. In 18th

place, the DRSM Group has previously only entered figures for its

biggest company, Davies Riley-Smith Maclay, which specialises in ad


Now it includes three other bits of the group, namely The Planning

Partnership, Field Management, and The Wire, its telephone research arm.

The effect of this is to more than double its declared turnover, from

pounds 3m to pounds 6.8m.

This year’s second new entry, in 19th place, is specialist company

Insight Medical Research. Like its slightly larger rival Isis Research,

it also earns a place in the table of fastest-growing big agencies.

Pegram Walters has been nudged out of the top 20, primarily because it

has sold its specialist broadcast subsidiary - the firm which famously

researched the idea of Ready Steady Cook - to the US-based TV Strategy

Group. ’They came up with an offer we couldn’t refuse,’ shrugs chairman

Bill Pegram. ’It took about a year to finalise, but it was all very


This deal aside, the takeover market appears to have quietened down, but

it has not gone completely dead. WPP, for instance, bought the

fast-growing business-to-business specialist BPRI in April, ranked at

30. The group already owns Research International, Millward Brown, BMRB

and Michael Godfrey Associates. With a combined turnover of pounds

163.35m, it is clearly the dominant force in UK research, as well as

being ranked third worldwide.

Last year we reported that the MBL Group had merged with NFO


The latter has since bought City Research Group and the German-based

group Infratest Burke, which had already made acquisitions of its own in

the UK market. It means that NFO’s combined UK turnover is now just

under pounds 35m.

No merger plans

There is no intention, however, of merging Infratest Burke and MBL,

according to the latter’s managing director, Nigel Spackman. ’We will

obviously share resources and skills where we can,’ he says, ’but I

don’t see any immediate prospect of us being called NFO UK, or whatever.

Market research history is littered with good brand names that have been

killed off; it is often a mistake.’

A similar point is made by John Kelly, chairman of IRB. In April, his

company was bought from the City of London PR Group by Oxford-based

Market Research Solutions (MRS), a firm created only six years ago

through a management buyout from ACNielsen MEAL. Kelly says that the

brand names will be kept distinct. The two companies together have a

combined turnover of almost pounds 6m, putting them just outside the top

20 - but further acquisitions are planned.

It is also worth mentioning in this context the first-time appearance in

this league table of MORPACE International, a long-established US


It opened a UK office in 1997, and at the end of that year bought Warner

Fox. ’We put the two operations into a single site in Woking, where we

have since added a data-processing department and a focus group studio,’

says managing director Stephen Connell. ’Our business growth has been

achieved through the conduct of large multinational projects in Europe

and the Asia-Pacific regions.’

Another US company, Roper Starch Worldwide, has set up a UK office,

although it chose not to supply us with turnover figures this year. In

last year’s survey, we also reported that the medical research

specialist PMSI was being bought by the US group IMS Health. As this

report was being prepared, the deal was ’just about completed’. PMSI has

not submitted an entry this year, presumably because of the


More buyouts likely

Takeover approaches are still being made. Michael Birkin, president of

the Diversified Agency Services (DAS) division of Omnicom, confided to

Marketing last year that the group was interested in building its stake

in market research, through acquisition or by backing start-ups.

’Pressure on independents is growing all the time, but we are not at all

tempted to be acquired,’ says Pegram. ’We’re enjoying it too much.

When people come along we are politely interested, but we think we know

our business pretty well, and we believe we are helping to change the

industry by moving it on.’

MORI, in seventh place, is the UK’s largest independent agency, and its

managing director, Brian Gosschalk, echoes these sentiments. Chairman

and leading shareholder Professor Bob Worcester is approaching

retirement age, which increases the speculation. ’It’s no secret that we

have had a number of approaches over the years, and the MORI brand makes

us a natural target,’ says Gosschalk. ’But we guard our independence

quite jealously.

It’s important to us, and our staff and clients.

’At some point there will be a change in the share structure, and a

management buyout is one option. We would not sell to an advertising or

PR agency because it could raise questions about our integrity.’

This discussion has focused so far on takeovers within the UK. However,

as Laurent Guillaume, chairman of Research International UK, points out,

the market share of his parent company, WPP, is far greater here than in

any overseas country. The strategy is therefore likely to be to seek

takeover targets abroad - except when an opportunity arises to snap up a

specialist to fill out the portfolio.

Similar reasoning applies to Taylor Nelson Sofres and NOP. The latter’s

overseas ambitions have taken a bit of a knock, however. Jim Rose,

former head of ACNielsen MEAL in the UK, and recruited last August to

co-ordinate acquisitions, was headhunted by an internet company after

just nine months. ’We’ll miss him, he had a lot of energy,’ says NOP’s

managing director, Ivor Stocker.

Meanwhile, the group bought Audits and Surveys Worldwide in February,

and specialist healthcare company SMC in May. ’We are currently in

negotiations with three others,’ adds Stocker, ’so the aim is certainly

to continue to globalise.’

Satisfying multinationals

The aim of most takeover activity is to build international networks to

meet the needs of multinational clients. One result is a two-way flow,

between acquirer and acquired, of skills, areas of expertise and what

are called branded research products - essentially carefully defined

ways of approaching particular market segments or tasks.

A couple of examples: RSL, which is probably best known for the National

Readership Survey, was acquired some years ago by the French group

Ipsos, and is now known as Ipsos RSL. ’We’re moving from being known as

a long-established UK company to being part of an international group

which is being increasingly integrated,’ says joint managing director

Roger Gane.

’One area where we have not been particularly strong is in FMCG, but it

is something the group is able to offer across Europe. We are now

building this side with the help of Marie Christine Bardon, who has come

from our parent company and has a track record in co-ordinating

international research programmes. This is quite important to us, and we

have had quite a lot of success.’

The company will also soon be launching a new ad testing product, which

has come to it via Ipsos’ acquisition of ASI, a US research agency

specialising in the area.

Similarly, Ivor Stocker believes that the purchase of Audits and Surveys

Worldwide will help NOP break into retail research - ’not taking Nielsen

and IRI head on, but there are lots of niche markets to go for’. And BJM

has picked up from its sister company Infratest Burke ’an excellent

customer satisfaction product’ called Trim, which offers international


Branded products are a hot topic, perhaps because so much inter-group

trading and international licensing is going on. Small players can

develop their own products, but generally it’s a trend that favours the

big players.

Tony Cowling, chief executive of Taylor Nelson Sofres, says: ’We are

trying to build more specialised products, and we are not alone. The

industry is separating. The bigger companies are investing significant

sums in branded products, continuous panels, and new technology. The

smaller companies can’t afford to do that, so their response is to be

quicker on their feet, and to have their directors involved in dealing

with clients.’

Answering questions

This month, for instance, Taylor Nelson Sofres launched Miriad, a fast

technology for interrogating data and posing ’what if’ questions.

Developed at a cost of more than pounds 180,000 in the US, it will be

offered to all clients and their suppliers, such as ad agencies.

One argument for branded products is that they offer clients consistency

in methodology and results, over time and across territories.

As chairman of a pounds 6m agency that is arguably middle-sized, Pegram

accuses bigger firms of ’force fitting clients’ problems into a

solution’. ’We’re more interested in a personal, thoughtful approach,

but it costs more,’ he says.

As an example of what he means, he quotes a tailor-made and heavily

illustrated report produced for Allied Domecq about ’The New Cool’,

designed to really bring home to 300 top executives what continental

trendsetters were thinking.

’One hopes that market research doesn’t totally degenerate into buying

products off the shelf,’ responds Gane, at Ipsos RSL. ’I don’t think it

will. What is required in many cases is a brand name and philosophy as a

core component, but with the flexibility to tailor.

’It’s not a bad idea to have the consistency that a branded approach can

provide, because, in my experience, if market researchers can change

something, they will. There is an enormous temptation to fiddle.

’Equally, tailoring everything is unfortunately not a viable route any

more,’ Gane continues. ’The business has grown, and many of the people

now responsible for buying research have other tasks as well, such as

marketing. Their research knowledge is not necessarily very great, and

for them to be able to access a branded product with known

characteristics is important.’


Rk  Consultancy                            Turnover   Turnover      %

                                               1998       1997   chge

                                           (pounds)   (pounds)

1   RDSi                                  3,981,000  2,488,000  60.01

2   Business Devt. Research Consultants   3,995,000  2,984,000  33.88

3   BPRI                                  4,494,000  3,364,000  33.59

4   Isis Research                         8,600,000  6,600,000  30.30

5   Retail Marketing In-store Services    4,517,000  3,486,000  29.58

6   The Added Value Company               7,200,000  5,569,000  29.29

7   Hauck Research Services               5,329,000  4,175,000  27.64

8   Insight Medical Research              6,563,000  5,188,000  26.50

9   Conquest Research                     3,010,000  2,432,000  23.77

10  Total Research                        6,508,000  5,314,000  22.47


Rk  Consultancy                            Turnover   Turnover      %

                                               1998       1997   chge

                                           (pounds)   (pounds)

1   Quaestor Res & Marketing Strategists  2,300,000  1,459,000  57.64

2   Facts International                   2,411,000  1,536,000  56.97

3   Resource (Marketing Research)         1,350,000    898,000  50.33

4   Sensus Research                         185,000    124,000  49.19

5   DPA Research                            495,000    354,000  39.83

6   Wood Holmes                             605,000    453,000  33.55

7   Entri Research                        1,050,000    800,000  31.25

8   MSS Marketing Research                2,400,000  1,837,000  30.65

9   Banner Corporation                    1,122,000    859,000  30.62

10  IFF Research                          2,806,000  2,161,000  29.85


Bigger kids play in a different playground. That’s the logic for the

tradition, in Marketing league tables, of looking separately at the

growth performance of big and small agencies. It’s easier for the

tiddlers to add a big percentage to their turnover, and easier for them

to lose it.

The split for market research was made at the pounds 3m turnover mark,

which approximates to the top 40 and the rest. It’s noticeable, however,

that none of the industry giants features in the first of the two growth


Research International, rebounding from a lethargic performance the year

before, comes closest, with an additional 18.88%.

In fact the top place, by some distance, goes to RDSi, the new name from

this month for RDS Open Mind.

It’s a relaunch to reflect the company’s expansion from purely UK,

purely qualitative, to international and full-service, says director

Geoff Bayley.

Dr Cris Tarrant’s Business Development Research Consultants is in second

place - quite an achievement, given that the company, founded only in

1991, was also among the fastest growers in last year’s league. Third is

business-to-business specialist BPRI, recently acquired by WPP.

As often happens, specialists are well represented. Isis and Insight

both concentrate on medical research, while Added Value and Hauck are

known for consumer qualitative expertise. Conquest boasts a whole raft

of special services such as Adquest, Packquest and Productquest for the

consumer marketing arena.

The reason Quaestor heads the smaller companies’ growth table is

probably because of the market sectors it operates in, says its ’qual’

director Caroline Bond. Retail is currently a buoyant sector, and

Quaestor is involved in areas such as the retail environment. It’s also

active in media research, particularly satellite and digital.

MSS and the research division of Banner Corporation were both in last

year’s growth tables, and make a repeat appearance here.


As businesses and consumers awoke to the power and scope of the

internet, market researchers began to get excited about its potential as

an interviewing medium.

That’s still on the cards, though it has taken time. Research

International is recruiting 200,000 internet households in the US, even

providing internet access in some cases to achieve a balanced panel.

This initiative, RI Online, is now extending to Europe and Asia Pacific

according to director David Walker, who expects a lot of mass telephone

surveys to switch to the internet on cost grounds.

RI is one of several agencies claiming a stake in what Walker regards as

a completely new area akin to advertising testing - web site evaluation.

The small specialist agency Hi-Tech Marketing has done this, staging

focus groups in cyber cafes. And MORI claims to have done several for

blue-chip clients who are in the process of evolving their web sites

from simple information providers to a tool for building customer


MORI has recruited Nicky Perrott - ’one of the leading people in new

media and the internet’, according to chief executive Brian Gosschalk -

to head a specialist team. ’They are doing some very exciting things for

a good spread of clients,’ he adds. ’This has to be one of our half

dozen fastest-growing areas. Our growth has been real and significant

and has outstripped the market.’

Ipsos RSL has set up a joint venture with Media Metrics of the US and

GfK to survey internet audiences. Participating individuals agree to

have special software installed on their PCs which tracks what internet

software they use, and which web sites they visit. This can be linked to

known information about the household.


Rk  Consultancy                       Turnover      Turnover       %

                                          1998          1997    chge

                                      (pounds)      (pounds)

1   Taylor Nelson Sofres*           96,550,000    87,732,000   10.05

Founded 1965, publicly quoted.

Executive chairman Tony Cowling.

Diversified group, major strengths

in continuous research and quant.


web site

2   NOP Research Group*             73,769,000    67,428,000    9.40

Incorporated 1990, part of United

News & Media. Managing director

Ivor Stocker. Full range of services,

mainly (76%) consumer. E-mail;

web site

3   Research International*         62,334,000    52,435,000   18.88

Founded 1962, subsidiary of WPP.

Chairman Laurent Guillaume, joint

vice-chairmen David Cahn, Susan

Blackall. Full service, 78%

consumer. E-mail;

web site

4   Millward Brown International*   55,621,000    47,910,000   16.09

Founded 1973, subsidiary of WPP.

Managing director Sue Gardiner,

client services Gordon Pincott.

Tracking studies (56%). E-mail;

web site

5   BMRB International*             31,824,000    29,112,000    9.32

Founded 1933, subsidiary of WPP.

Chairman John O’Brien, managing

director Richard Silman. Mainly

consumer (92%), quantitative and

continuous. Web site

6   Ipsos-RSL*                      28,931,000    25,746,000   12.37

Founded 1946, subsidiary of Ipsos

(France). Joint managing directors

Roger Gane, Roger Calverley.

Mainly consumer (89%), esp. quant

and continuous.


web site

7   MORI*                           19,624,000    18,194,000    7.86

Founded 1969, privately owned.

Chairman Bob Worcester, managing

director Brian Gosschalk. Mainly

quant (69%) and continuous (23%).


web site

8   Information Resources*          19,574,000    17,018,000   15.02

Founded 1992, subsidiary of

Information Resources Inc.

Managing director Mark Tims.

Specialist in continuous

research (retail audits).


web site

9   Maritz TRBI*                    19,284,000    18,688,000    3.19

Founded 1981, subsidiary of

Maritz Marketing Research.

Chairman Laurence Curtis. Qual

(44%), quant (47%), mystery



web site

10  The MBL Group*                  15,967,000    15,084,000    5.85

Founded 1973, subsidiary of NFO

Worldwide. Managing director

Nigel Spackman, client services

Nick Verkerk. Consumer (97%):

quant, qual and continuous.

E-mail BJM;

web site

11  Infratest Burke Group*          15,840,000    14,017,000   13.01

Founded 1974, subsidiary of NFO

Worldwide. Chief executive

Stephen Factor, managing

directors David Soulsby, Chris

Eynon. Mainly consumer (90%):

quantitative, qualitative, and


12  Martin Hamblin Group*           12,125,000    11,164,000    8.61

Founded 1969, privately owned.

Chairman Derek Martin,

managing directors Steve

Grundy, Sue Quinn. No turnover

analysis provided.


web site

13  GfK Marketing Services*         11,859,000    11,144,000    6.42

Founded 1992, subsidiary of GfK,

Germany. Managing director John

Ramsbottom. Continuous retail

studies, esp. electrical, DIY.


web site

14  Simon Godfrey Associates*        9,077,000     8,481,000    7.03

Founded 1985, subsidiary of

Research International (WPP).

Managing director Simon Godfrey.

All consumer quantitative.


web site

15  ORC International*               8,657,000     8,612,000    0.52

Founded 1969, subsidiary of

Opinion Res. Corp. Managing

director Nigel Maxfield.

Consumer (57%) and bus-to-bus,

quant and continuous.


web site

16  Isis Research*                   8,600,000     6,600,000   30.30

Founded 1973, privately owned.

Chairman and managing director

Colin Maitland. All


quantitative, qualitative and



17  The Added Value Company*         7,200,000     5,569,000   29.29

Founded 1988, privately owned.

Joint chairmen Peter Dart, Mark

Sherrington; managing director

Fiona McAnena. Mainly (95%)

consumer, qual (73%) and quant.


18  DRSM Group*                      6,800,000     5,800,000   17.24

Founded 1983. Figures include

subsidiaries. Chairman Prosper

Riley-Smith. Mainly (69%)

consumer, qualitative and



19  Insight Medical Research         6,563,000     5,188,000   26.50

Founded 1983, privately owned.

Chairman Richard Gilmore,

managing director Sue Thamia.

All bus-to-bus, quantitative

and qualitative.


20  Total Research                   6,508,000     5,314,000   22.47

Founded 1984, subsidiary of Total

Research Corporation. Managing

director Gareth Davies, client

services John Murphy. Specialist

in brand equity.


web site

21  Hall & Partners*                 6,083,000     5,305,000   14.67

Founded 1992, part of Hall &

Partners Gp. Chairman Marilyn

Baxter. Mainly consumer, quant,

qual and continuous.


web site www.

22  Pegram Walters*                  5,890,000     5,242,000   12.36

Founded 1982, privately owned.

Chairman Bill Pegram, managing

director Alan Walters. Mainly

(69%) consumer, quant, qual and

mystery shopping.


web site

23  Business & Market Research*      5,503,000     4,639,000   18.62

Founded 1972, privately owned.

Managing director Andrew Vincent.

Even mix of consumer and bus-to-bus,

quantitative (82%) and qualitative.


web site

24  Marketing Sciences*              5,439,000     4,520,000   20.33

Founded 1977, privately owned.

Chairman Paul Harrison, client

services Keith Bates. Mainly

consumer (87%): quant, qual,



web site

25  Hauck Research Services*         5,329,000     4,175,000   27.64

Founded 1985, privately owned.

Chairman John Samuels, chief

executive Liz Hauck. Specialist

(91%) in consumer qualitative,

plus some quantitative.


26  Sample Surveys                   5,204,000     5,000,000    4.08

Founded 1973, privately owned.

Managing director Michelle Norman.

Full range of services, mainly

(88%) consumer.


web site

27  FDS International*               4,676,000     4,219,000   10.83

Founded 1972, privately owned.

Chairman and managing director

Janet Weitz. Mainly consumer (86%)

- quantitative and continuous.


web site

28  Continental Research*            4,606,000     4,189,000    9.95

Founded 1989, subsidiary of

Arbitron. Managing dir.

Debbie Walter. Mostly (91%)

quant, telephone and face-to-face.


web site

29  Retail Marketing                 4,517,000     3,486,000   29.58

    In-store Services*

Founded 1980, privately owned.

Managing director Guy Vaughan.

Retail specialist, all consumer



web site

30  BPRI                             4,494,000     3,364,000   33.59

Founded 1986, recently acquired

subsidiary of WPP. Chairman

Jonathan Shingleton. Mainly

(84%) bus-to-bus, quant and

qual, plus mystery shopping.


web site

31  Audits & Surveys Europe*         4,398,000     4,435,000   -0.83

Founded 1992, 51% owned by

Audits and Surveys Worldwide

(now UIG). Managing director

David Dubow. Full mix of

services, mainly consumer.


32  GfK GB                           4,218,000     3,515,000   20

Founded 1991, a subsidiary of

GfK, Germany. Managing director

Steven Jagger, client services

director Mike Jones. Consumer

quant (90%), and qual.


web site

33  Business Devt. Research Cons.*   3,995,000     2,984,000   33.88

Founded 1991, privately owned.

Managing director Dr Cris Tarrant.

Quant (48%), qual (30%) and

continuous, with bias to consumer.


34  RDSi*                            3,981,000     2,488,000   60.01

Founded 1984 as RDS Openmind.

Privately owned. Directors Geoff

Bayley, Wendy Mitchell, Vicki

Raynor. 81% consumer qual.


web site

35  Romtec*                          3,901,000     4,217,000   -7.49

Founded 1982, publicly quoted.

Chairman and md R. Nathan,

client services director J. Weldon.

IT research specialist, mainly (96%)



web site

36  MRSL*                            3,520,000     3,426,000    2.74

Founded 1993, privately owned.

Chairman Roger Landells, managing

director Tim Baker. Predominantly

(94%) quant, plus some qual.


web site

37  MORPACE International*           3,180,000             -     n/a

Founded 1997, when acquired

Warner Fox. Subsidiary of

MORPACE Intl. Managing director

Stephen Connell. Mainly consumer

(70%), quantitative with some



38  Surveyplan (Market Research)*    3,170,000     3,034,000    4.48

Founded 1973, privately owned.

Managing director Terry Gilsenan,

client services director Vivian

Edwards. All consumer,

quantitative (83%) and continuous.


39  Conquest Research*               3,010,000     2,432,000   23.77

Founded 1989, privately owned.

Managing director David Penn.

All consumer - quantitative,

qualitative and continuous.


40  MVA*                             2,840,000     2,550,000   11.37

Founded 1968, part of MVA

Consultancy Gp. Joint managing

directors Michael Roberts,

Fred Brown. Full range of

services, mainly (75%) consumer.


web site

41  City Research Group*             2,819,000     2,618,000    7.68

Founded 1977, subsidiary of

NFO Worldwide. Chairman and

chief executive Mervyn Flack,

president Peter Bartram. Full

service, mainly (64%)



42  IFF Research*                    2,806,000     2,161,000   29.85

Founded 1965, privately owned.

Managing director David

Spilsbury. Quantitative (75%)

and qualitative, 75% bus-to-bus.


web site

43  Research in Focus*               2,634,000     2,169,000   21.44

Founded 1994, privately owned.

Chairman David Turtle,

managing director Gill

Aitchison. All consumer -

quant, qual and continuous.


web site

44  Mathematical Market Research*    2,606,000     2,539,000    2.64

Founded 1989, privately owned.

Chairman David Thomson, managing

director John Morris.

Predominantly (90%) face-to-face

consumer quant.


web site

45  Flamingo                         2,600,000     2,274,000   14.34

Founded 1992, privately owned.

Joint managing directors Kirsty

Fuller, Maggie Collier.

Qualitative specialist (97%).


web site

46  Facts International*             2,411,000     1,536,000   56.97

Founded 1985, privately owned.

Managing director Barbara Lee.

Quant (84%) and qual, consumer

and bus-to-bus.


web site

47  MSS Marketing Research           2,400,000     1,837,000   30.65

Founded 1980, privately owned.

Chairman Neil McPhee, client

services director John Groves-Hill.

Full range of services, mainly

(63%) consumer.


48  IRB International*               2,336,000     1,969,000   18.64

Founded 1991, subsidiary of

Market Research Solutions.

Managing director John Kelly.

Mainly quant and qual,

consumer and bus-to-bus.


web site

49  Quaestor Res. &

    Marketing Strat.*                2,300,000     1,459,000   57.64

Founded 1996, privately owned.

Managing director Anne-Marie McDermott.

Mostly consumer (78%), quant and qual.


web site

50  DVL Smith*                       2,295,000     1,881,000   22.01

Founded 1990, privately owned.

Chairman David Smith, managing

director Andy Dexter. Quantitative

and qualitative, mainly (76%)



web site

51  Leapfrog*                        2,250,000     1,879,000   19.74

Founded 1994, privately owned.

Joint chief executives Judy Taylor,

Andrea Berlowitz. Specialist (100%)

in consumer qual.


web site

52  ESA Market Research*             2,242,000           n/a  n/a

Founded 1979, privately owned.

Chairman and managing director

Tony Keen. Face-to-face

quantitative research, mainly

(74%) bus-to-bus.


web site

53  Icon Intl. Research

    & Consulting*                    2,025,000     1,593,000   27.12

Founded 1992, subsidiary of Icon,

Germany. Managing director

Jeff Deighton. Mainly (95%)

consumer, quantitative (91%)

and qualitative.


web site

54  Market Measures*                 1,892,000     1,782,000    6.17

Privately owned. Managing director

Phil Gurd. Quantitative

specialist, mainly (95%)



web site

55  Navigator                        1,880,000     1,490,000   26.17

Founded 1992, privately owned.

Chairman John Sargent, managing

director Robert Ellis. Mainly

(85%) qualitative.


web site

56  Parker Tanner*                   1,814,000     1,628,000   11.43

Founded 1985, privately owned.

Chairman Barrie Parker, managing

director Nick Tanner. All

quantitative, mainly (80%) consumer.


57  Business Research Group          1,703,000     1,902,000  -10.46

Founded 1991, part of Clemis Gp.

Chairman D. Wildey, managing

director J. Berends. All

bus-to-bus - quantitative,

qualitative and continuous,

including published research.

Web site

58  Crucible Research                1,628,000     1,549,000    5.10

Founded 1991, privately owned.

Managing director Niki Mimoni,

client services directors Sue

Pryke, Jane Oakley. Qualitative

specialist, 80% consumer.


59  Accent Marketing & Research*     1,444,000     1,262,000   14.42

Founded 1988, privately owned.

Managing director Rob Sheldon.

Specialist in stated preference,

or trade-off, techniques,

consumer and bus-to-bus.


web site under development

60  Keith Gorton Services*           1,410,000     1,304,000    8.13

Founded 1971, privately owned.

Chairman Keith Gorton, client

services director Emma Clark.

Full range of services,

65% bus-to-bus.


web site

61  Ulster Marketing Surveys*        1,404,000     1,153,000   21.77

Founded 1965, subsidiary of

IMS Group (Ireland). Managing

director Richard Moore. Full

range of services,

two-thirds consumer.


web site

62  WHF (Southern)*                  1,363,000     1,059,000   28.71

Founded 1990, privately owned.

Chairman Ian Mills, managing

director Roy Findlay. Consumer

mystery shopping (93%), plus

consumer quantitative.


63  Resource (Marketing Research)*   1,350,000       898,000   50.33

Founded 1991, privately owned.

Chairman David Bacon, managing

director Annette Tonkin. IT

specialist, mainly (93%)



web site

64  Plus Four Market Research*       1,317,000     1,220,000    7.95

Founded 1970, privately owned.

Managing director Peter Allan.

Consumer (63%) and bus-to-bus,

quantitative and qualitative.


web site

65  The Qualitative Consultancy      1,295,000     1,390,000   -6.83

Founded 1982, privately owned.

Chairman and managing director

Sue Robson. Mainly qual (87%),

consumer and bus-to-bus, plus

consumer quant.


web site

66  Critical Research Group*         1,240,000     1,173,000    5.71

Founded 1991, privately owned.

Chairman Dennis Krishner,

managing director Derek Farr.

Telephone research specialist

(90%), consumer and bus-to-bus.


67  Marketpower*                     1,154,000     1,385,000  -16.68

Founded 1979, privately owned.

Chairman Simon Southern,

managing director Christopher

Cross. All bus-to-bus, quantitative

(75%) and qualitative.


68  Banner Corporation*              1,122,000       859,000   30.62

Founded 1982, privately owned.

Figures are research div. only.

Managing director Paul Gordon.

100% business-to-business.


web site

69  Maven Management*                1,050,000       952,000   10.29

Founded 1991, privately owned.

Chairman D.K. Allan, client

services I.R. Livingston.

Mainly continuous/syndicated

research (75%), consumer and



70  Entri Research                   1,050,000       800,000   31.25

Founded 1987, privately owned.

Client services director Shaun

Cooper. Qualitative 55%,

quantitative 35%, mystery shopping.


71  Albermarle Marketing Research*   1,011,000     1,053,000   -3.99

Founded 1968. Chairman and

managing director Richard Lowe.

All consumer, mainly (70%)

quantitative, plus



72  Abacus Research*                 1,004,000       788,000   27.41

Founded 1979, privately owned.

Managing director Jill Carter.

Telephone research (61%), plus

other quant, qual, mystery shopping.


web site

73  Kadence (UK)*                      890,000       726,000   22.59

Founded 1991, privately owned.

Chairman Simon Everard, client

services director Eugene Crichton.

Bus-to-bus, 70% quant, 20% qual.


web site

74  Marketing Improvements Group       850,000       750,000   13.33

Founded 1964, privately owned

management consultancy (figures

are for research only). Research

directors Russell Bradley, Nigel



web site

75  Hi-Tech Marketing                  800,000       700,000   14.29

Founded 1989, privately owned.

Managing director Chris Kaday.

Full range of services, mainly

(80%) bus-to-bus.


web site

76  Research Associates                770,000       759,000    1.45

Founded 1976, privately owned.

Chairman Terry Darlington,

managing director Monica

Darlington. Bus-to-bus qual

specialist (95%).


web site

77  Strategic Research*                750,000       647,000   15.92

Founded 1989, privately owned.

Managing partner Steve Wills.

Consumer (40%) and bus-to-bus,

quant and qual.


web site

78  ABa Quality Monitoring             609,000       496,000   22.78

Founded 1990, privately owned.

Chairman Alan Butterworth,

managing director Kate Jacobson.

Specialist (100%) in consumer

mystery shopping.


web site

79  Wood Holmes*                       605,000       453,000   33.55

Founded 1984, privately owned.

Partner, David Wood. All consumer,

qualitative (52%) and quantitative.


web site

80  Consumer Profile*                  582,000       490,000


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