In the Hans Christian Andersen story The Emperor's New Clothes, a small boy is the only one to speak the truth - that the emperor isn't wearing anything at all. In the same spirit, Nexus Communications and Marketing bring some reality-checking to the practice of digital communications. 

In The digital emperors new clothes, the first of a four-part series, the agency presents research that questions grocery brands' use of social-media 'likes' as a core measure. 

In Park your ego at the door, the second of our four-part series in collaboration with Nexus Communications, we bring you more truth-telling - this time relating to how to hack away the tokenism from your social-media strategy.

Our third article, Why listening is the new talking, points out how digital advances are transforming crisis management.

Friends with benefits?, our fourth and final installment, recommends that you polish up on your charm skills if you want to get ahead with social media.